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Equipment for the production of blister packs, cases, trays, and other products from PS coils, PVC and PET. If necessary other polymer equipment will have to be changed.

Works with headquarters in positive, negative or mixed, in the figure are shown in positive and negative.

The heating of the film: Consists of a set of ceramic resistance areas controlled by PID control enables the actual temperature display per zone.

The film drive system for: servo motor coupled to a high-precision and double chain reducer with unilateral thorn.

Cooling system with: 2 fans 18 m3h.

Vacuum: 40m3h. dried with reservoir.

Cutting disc: System pneumatic .

The machine cycle is fully automatic, controlled by a PLC integrated into a touch screen interface with 7-inch color and can change at any time its parameters without stopping the equipment, has memories for molds.

Accompanying automatic unwinder ( electric ) automation components brand WEG.

- Maximum Area 1400 X 1600 mm (MTF Model 800 L).
- Maximum area 650 x 850 mm (Model 800 MTF).
- Minimum area 250 X 250 mm.
- Maximum mold height 140 mm.
- Maximum mold depth 140 mm.
- Capacity Vacu pump 40 m3h.
- Working pressure 6 BAR.
- Air consumption at 20 cycles 300 liters per minute.
- Water consumption in the mold 16 liters per minute.
- Power consumption 20 kwh.
- Approximate weight 1000 kg.

Equipment size:

- Width 1,000 mm.
- 3,800 mm length.
- Height 2,300 mm.