Procura no Bairro

Works with headquarters in positive, negative or mixed, in the figure are shown in positive and negative.

Tthermoforming equipment three seasons.

This device works only with plastic sheet, thicknesses according to the model may vary from 1 to 12 millimeters.

The heating up of the two furnaces, ceramic heaters, always with zoning and climate control.

The floor area is suitable to the needs of each company, with no limitations, and can work with table reductions not occur miss raw material.

The machine cycle is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic control), parameter changes can be made without the equipment stopped on an interface touch color screen simple operation, manual control that serves for testing and or any maintenance is separately, may be placed on the front of the machine, on the dashboard or in a separate control, it depends on the size and model chosen.

That is, we can manufacture the simplest to the most complex, always adapting the product to your needs, all our equipment with 12 months warranty.